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Training birds of prey

Visit the Ardanwen Falconry to learn how to train birds of prey in Meerbeke. The falconry includes a covered slope that’s 60 metres deep and 25 metres wide. There are no dangerous obstacles or glass panes that the birds could fly into. That’s ideal when the weather is bad. You can visit one of the venues whenever the weather is fine and the birds of prey can fly safely, always under the guidance of experienced falconers.


You can always find information, advice and guidance at the Ardanwen Falconry. The trainers have a wealth of experience in training various breeds of birds of prey.

They work with different owls, falcons (predominantly the peregrine falcon), buzzards (including the European buzzard, desert buzzard and red-tailed buzzard), vultures and eagles.

They focus mainly on hunting with these animals.

We would advise you to complete a hunting course at the Sint-Hubertus Flanders Association if you want to hunt with birds of prey. It’s the ONLY recognized course in Belgium, regardless of what other associations/organizations claim. Please remember that you will also need some knowledge of weapons.

You can explore the basics in the first written section of the falconry book.


The Ardanwen Falconry has designated animal refuge areas following a number of reports of missing birds of prey. Have you seen a bird of prey in need? Please don’t hesitate to let us know. This may be because the bird has escaped or been injured.

The falconry has various resources for catching those birds of prey. It can also accommodate other animals as the refuge is overseen by another specialist organization.

This service is completely FREE OF CHARGE

Do you own one or more birds of prey and you want some time away? Then feel free to leave your birds at the Ardanwen Falconry. They will be kept in suitable facilities and can also be trained and flown. The falconry works very closely with vets who specialize in birds of prey. They visit every week to check that all the animals are healthy.

As you can see, the Ardanwen Falconry does more than just train birds of prey in Meerbeke. Please contact us for more information about our various services.

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