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Falcon pest control

The Ardanwen Falconry specializes in pest control in Meerbeke and the surrounding areas. 'Bird control' covers everything relating to pest birds. Think pigeons, seagulls and waterfowls.

Market leader in bird pest control

The Ardanwen Falconry in Belgium is the market leader in combatting and catching birds, especially feral pigeons. We have over fifty customers, including a number of animal feed companies, handling companies and local authorities. We achieve excellent pest control results using various techniques and resources.

Pigeon pests

The Ardanwen Falconry works with a drive system using birds of prey, traps, special nets and other equipment. The system is unique in Belgium and has had a real impact, with several local authorities and businesses appealing to us to combat their pigeon problem.

What happens to the pigeons? Ringed pigeons are returned to the pigeon association (free of charge). That involves a pigeon point, where the pigeons are checked and their owners informed. Any unringed pigeons are collected once a month and euthanized by a vet. S/he also takes a few samples for testing. Action is taken immediately if feral pigeons from one region are carrying diseases.

Seagull and corvid pests

The Ardanwen Falconry uses a combination of sounds (audio) and a team of birds of prey (visual) for gulls and corvids. It’s a proven tactic that achieves good results.

The sounds we use come from an American company that has been researching them for a number of years. They have spent a lot of time and money on the techniques, which work exceptionally well. They own the copyright to their sounds and devices because they’re so efficient. They generate incredible results due to the audiovisual combination and use of birds of prey.


The Ardanwen Falconry has already helped several sports grounds with rabbit pest issues. The rabbits dig burrows on the running tracks, injuring the athletes when they run into them. We tackle the issue with a combination of birds of prey and ferrets. The ferrets drive the rabbits out of their burrows then the birds catch and restrain them.

Geese and waterfowl

The Ardanwen Falconry has invested in a professional motorboat and kayak due to ever-increasing requests involving geese. As a result, we can also address the problem from the water. That’s effective as the birds often head towards the water to rest. Geese in particular are major water polluters. They leave a lot of manure behind, both on land and in the water, causing major pollution. There’s also an issue when geese gaggle in large groups, causing further nuisance. Finally, geese are very aggressive towards other waterfowl, meaning that native species such as mallards, coots and moorhens may be driven away.

Pest control

The company doesn’t provide rat, mice or insect control services because the Ardanwen Falconry focuses on pests that can be controlled using birds of prey. We work alongside specialist companies for that purpose.

Contracts and permits

The law stipulates that all legal requirements must be met in order to issue a hunting licence for pest control in Meerbeke, regardless of whether a bird of prey is used or not. To obtain one, you must have passed ALL the theoretical and practical tests forming part of the hunting exam. Of course, the Ardanwen Falconry meets those conditions.

The Ardanwen Falconry is always tailormade. We can provide highly competitive prices because of the large number of customers we already have. Have you been quoted a lower price? You can always show it to us to see if there’s anything we can do about it.

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